Words for GIRLS 给女孩的一些话



Who really love you

Who will stay by your side forever

Who can give you a simple happiness

Who really knows what you like and what you don't like

& not someone who claims that he love you more than you know and yet leave you alone heart broken


Someone who really treat you well

Not someone who make you sad, heart broken, disappointed, unhappy

Not someone who will make you cry

Not someone who will blame you for everything

Not someone who don't even care whether you are unhappy or not

Not someone who treat you like a trash

Find someone who can give you small simple happiness and it is enough

Find someone that you can really be happy with

TRUE happiness is find a guy who really loves you and care about you, and not find a guy that you love a lot but yet leave you alone heart broken.

A good guy do not need to have high education

A good guy do not need to be romantic, rich or clever.

But someone who really love you, treats you well and care about you.

Maybe there's one around you? But you never notice it.

I wish everybody can find your true happiness.

PS. I know I have repeated some points, but because it is really very important. So I want to emphasise it.