Learn to let go 学会放下

You don't have to learn to forget,

You just have to learn to let go.

Forget is impossible

And you don't have to forget any of the memories,

Remember the happy memories, they are precious. But they will only stay in your memories.

Don't be stubborn, you still have to go on with your life.

Learn to let go.

One day create your own happy memories, happiness that only belongs to you.

Learn to let go.

So that you can set yourself free from all the tortures and unhappiness.

And one day you will realize that life is like that, there will be happy, sad, angry in your life.

We cannot avoid it.

So why not we accept it and let go of the pains.

Sometimes not that we cannot let go, but is we ourselves don't want to let go, is we ourselves that make us suffer from pains.
And one day you think back, those are some happy memories, even sad memories that let you become more mature and understand more about life and love.

They are part of your life.

Don't ever give up.

But learn to let go.

Even if you will still feel pain in your heart,

Don't worry, the pain will go away slowly

Even if there's still scars in your heart.

But that's also something that can make you become even more stronger.

Accept the scars as your own.

It is all of your life experiences.

And your life are meaningful.

Whether you will suffer or not, it all depends on your mindset

depends on YOU.