What is Love?

What is Love?

I don't know

I have never experience love before

I have never had a boyfriend before

Nobody confess to me

Is there even a person who like me?

I wonder if I will be single for the rest of my life?

How does it feels to fall in love?

I wonder if I will become a very cheerful person once I fall in love.

Will I smile to myself whenever I think about him?

Some says that :

  • Your heart beat will increase when you think about him

  • You will feel jealous when he talk to other girls

  • Whenever you think about him, you will smile to yourself without knowing it

  • No matter when and where, you will always miss him

  • You will feel very sad to be separated from him

  • When he is sad, you will be sad too

  • You wish that he will be by your side for almost 24/7

  • You will get hurt when he said something that hurts you

  • You will be either angry or disappointed, when he forget about important dates with you, important anniversaries, important things about you.

  • You will be so happy when he remembered everything about you(your birthdays, your favourite colours, what you like to eat and don't like to eat)

  • You will always persuade yourself to trust him when he lies to you or when you found that  he is with other girls

I'm know only some of this is only true for some people.

And I know I may have left out some points, because I really never experience before the feelings of falling in love, so things that I know will be limited.

But I do know what is right what is wrong.

If me, I hope I will be clear minded towards my future boyfriend.

I will still love him, treat him the way that he deserves, spend time with him, do many things with him.

But I don't want to lose my pride because of him.

If he treat me badly, if he betrayed me, if he don't care about my feelings but only care about his own feelings.

Then he is OUT!

I don't want to get hurt and lose my pride for some unworthy person.

Even if I will feel sad to leave him, I will still leave, I want to treat myself better.


You have to know how to love yourself first, before wanting someone to love you.

So that even if nobody loves you, you still have YOU to love yourself.