You are always thinking about him.
It seems like you cannot stop thinking about him no matter what.
I really hope one day you can stop.
Because I want you to just focus on your life.
Please be happy.
Although you always wanted to make him come back.
But really....
I don't think it's worth it.
Do you really think he will think about you till now?
I don't believe in him.
I know you believe in him.
But I'm sure in your inner heart,
You don't believe.
But you just don't want to accept the truth.
Or maybe you don't really know what you are even thinking about.
Sometimes your feelings can betray you.
Sometimes you have to use your brain to think.
Sometimes you have to be calm and clear minded.
Question about him,
Like how you help other people to question their guy.
Do you really trust him?
If he want to come back,
He should have come back by now.
And apologize,
Beg you to come back to him.
He leave you for your own good?
Maybe it's true?
But maybe it is just an excuse to break up with you.
I'm just as busybody as I am.

I hope one day you can find a better guy,
Who won't leave you forever.
And you may love the guy even more deeper.
And stay with him forever happily ever after.
Even if you never met one,
Sometimes it is better be alone,
Than wait for a guy who don't deserve it.

Dedicated to Jia :3 my secret friend :)