You are always thinking about him.
It seems like you cannot stop thinking about him no matter what.
I really hope one day you can stop.
Because I want you to just focus on your life.
Please be happy.
Although you always wanted to make him come back.
But really....
I don't think it's worth it.
Do you really think he will think about you till now?
I don't believe in him.
I know you believe in him.
But I'm sure in your inner heart,
You don't believe.
But you just don't want to accept the truth.
Or maybe you don't really know what you are even thinking about.
Sometimes your feelings can betray you.
Sometimes you have to use your brain to think.
Sometimes you have to be calm and clear minded.
Question about him,
Like how you help other people to question their guy.
Do you really trust him?
If he want to come back,
He should have come back by now.
And apologize,
Beg you to come back to him.
He leave you for your own good?
Maybe it's true?
But maybe it is just an excuse to break up with you.
I'm just as busybody as I am.

I hope one day you can find a better guy,
Who won't leave you forever.
And you may love the guy even more deeper.
And stay with him forever happily ever after.
Even if you never met one,
Sometimes it is better be alone,
Than wait for a guy who don't deserve it.

Dedicated to Jia :3 my secret friend :)

Definition of a friend



Someone you can depend on

Someone who will accompany you after you have being dumped by your loved ones.

Someone who will be there for you when you are being bullied or hurt

Someone who can say anything to you, even if it is just some random thing

Someone who will be with you when you are sad

Someone who will do crazy things with you

Someone who will sing with you

If you are still single when you grow old, they will be there for you so that you don't feel lonely.

But to say the truth, some of this is really a bit impossible. Especially if your friend get married in the future, they will have their own life and family to care about. For now we are busy with our studies, and in the future we will be busy with our career. So we won't have much time to be together.

The reason why I don't really want to make a lot of friends, because I will feel more lonely in a bigger cliques, it is tiring and stress and normally not everybody in the clique want to be friend with you. There will be times like, you are only close with one or a few people in the clique. Because a clique doesn't mean every members are friends with each other, some of them may have not talk to each other even once…

I rather have closer and true friends.

And I don't like to go out, I hate crowds, so I like to stay at home, staying in my own small world. Because I feel more relax and content. Except when I want to go shopping, then I don't mind. And if I want to go take photos of some tourists attractions and nice places, I'm actually quite happy.

So if my friend ask me out just for eating, sorry, rejected. But if come to your house is ok, depend on which friend is it.

If I'm around when my friend get bullied, I may help her argue back. There's once I help one of my primary school friend which we have not contacted each other anymore. We are helping out at a charity booth selling things. And one guy wanted to take one item away without paying for it. I think my friend wanted to stop him, and got kick by him. And I got angry and don't let him get away with the item, I even shouted at him in front of many students. He is a junior and dare to come and bully seniors, I really got pissed off sia. 

-_- I forgot the outcome, I think he return the item back? He dare not return, I'm sure I will drag him and not let him go until he return.

That's also an action of protecting a friend. 


What is friend to you?


If I'm being sarcastic to you, it's a good thing.


Because it means that I'm comfortable being friend with you. If I don't dare to be sarcastic to you, means we are still not that close. Especially when I don't talk much to you. Normally if I'm able to talk a lot to you, also means that I have treated you as a friend.

Not everybody can be friends.

I make friends according to my feeling.

Even if you are friendly, doesn't mean that everybody will be your friend.

And I don't want to have normal friends, because I don't really feel comfortable and happy about it. I rather have a best or close friend, whom I can play around, laugh, gossip with. And someone whom I am comfortable to talk to and tell secrets……


Because I won't be shy/quiet/obedient in front of my best friends. I have different personality in front of different people……